Lamp-working Classes

We here at Nature’s Way LOVE teaching the art of contemporary Lamp-working. With instructors that have thrived in the industry for 10+ years we are sure that we have a program for YOU! Whether you are a beginner looking to get behind the torch for the first time, or an expert looking to expand their knowledge, and everywhere in between we want to help you grow into your interests and evolve as an artist.

Beginner Lamp-working Class

Fundamentals of glass lamp-working. Our beginner course includes practices demonstrating symmetry , proportions, technique, and fundamentals of the craft. This will be an introductory course with a foundational focus that has the capability for further training.

Intermediate Lamp-working Class

Instructed by Keysha Koy of @LowKeyKoyGlass. Keysha has been a glassblower for over 15 years and stays consistent in the progression of herself and those willing to learn, and expand their understanding of the craft.

Expert Lamp-working Class

Taught by in house lamp-worker Aaron Uretsky of @AaronUretsky. Aaron is an innovator who pushes to open up the industry as well as the artistic mind to the next level. With blowout collaborations that effortlessly display not only his own craftsmanship but also his ability to collaborate, educate, and self-motivate based on his unique style of multi-faceted integrated creation.