Lamp-working Classes

We here at Natures Way LOVE sharing the Art (CREATION) of contemporary Lamp-Working, Commonly Called glassblowing. With instructors that have thrived in the industry for 20+ years, we are sure that we have a program for YOU! Whether a beginner looking to Experience the torch for the first time, or an Expert looking to expand the knowledge, We offer classes capable of catalyzing All ranges of one's Individual growth.



Lampworking 101 - Beginner Group Pendant Lamp-working Class

max capacity per class: 6 Guests

Lamp101 is an introduction into the Fundamentals of glass lamp-working by Way of instruction in the crafting of a borosilicate pendant, including the students completion of one's very own hand-made pendant. Our beginner course instructs the student on basic procedures and tools via techniques including flame-types (eg creating Neutral Flame) & usage, condensing solids, shaping, annealing, and the general fundamentals of the craft. This serves as an introductory course with a foundational focus for the brand-new student, and as the imperative 1st-Step toward further training. *AVAILABLE NOW*


$ per Student - $99.00


Lampworking 102 - Intermediate Lamp-working Class

max capacity: 4 Guests

Instructed by the Very-Loved Keysha Koy of @KeyshKoyGlass in Pennsylvania. Keysha has been glassblowing for over 20+ years and stands consistent in her artistic progression & expression, as well as her eloquent ability to teach those willing to learn by Way of expanding their understanding of the craft. *COMING SOON*

$ per Student - TBA


Lampworking 201 - Expert Lamp-working Class

max capacity: 1 Guest

Taught by kindred Natures fam-member Aaron Uretsky of @AaronUglass. Aaron is an innovative artist with a wide range of specialities, including the Master-Maker degree of handspinning & handsculpting. He pushes the artistic mind to the next level. With blowout collaborations that effortlessly display not only his own caliber but also his innate ability to easily share, educate, and motivate any well-versed lampworker seeking expert-level training. *COMING SOON*

$ per Student - TBA