About Us

Lamp-Working Classes in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Natures Way Glass! We are a Pennsylvania native local functional art studio specializing in locally crafted, American-produced, or otherwise High-End functional glass art. Our Original Art Gallery features artists selected both locally and from around the beautiful world. The fully stocked glass/apparel/"tobacco related items" store holds a premium window view into our Live glassblowing studio. We Love Art, plain and simple. And we Love making new friends. Make an appearance with our Fire!

Our Mission:

Ours is of a simple idea, yet one solid mind: push positive in love. We love high glass art, and old & new minds to gather in truth of Love. Love to make it, see it, spread it, hold it, capture it, draw it within, and share it with the world. The essence of Life breathes flame & wind, petal & power. Draw breath NWG Tribe, for the live-long-day ceases naught.

“All evil vanishes from life for him who keeps the sun in his heart”— Ramayana